Hampta Pass Trek: Manali

Hampta Pass is a beautiful mountain located prominently in Manali region in Himachal Pradesh. Myindiatouring is providing a trek in Hampta Pass which suits everyone with the scope of time and hardship. The beauty of this trek lies in the corridor between Lahaul and Kullu valley. The post covid trekking starting from Manali makes it easy for all to reach the base camp. Before reaching the urban centre of Manali, Chandratal lake is almost towards the end of the tour in Himachal. It has the starting point as Manali and from Manali, you will be taken to Jobra and then to Chika, located at the height of about 10,000 ft. While climbing up to the journey of Hampta Pass and Chandratal lake, the route is having plenty of greenery, river, and mountains on one side.

Trek in Manali

Trekking with My India Touring will make you realize that you are going to have the most amazing moments in your life. The post covid best time to go for Hampta Pass trek is in june till mid-July if you want to enjoy the snow. Throughout August, it gives you a beautiful view of green valley with flower blossoms and streams of water flowing.

This is a 5-day trek from Manali with an excursion to Chandertal lake. This lake is around 8km from Chatru which is the last campsite for the trek. It is a high altitude lake in Spiti valley at 1400 ft. This high altitude lake is a famous tourist attraction which has the pristine waters that changes colour and is open for only 4 months in a year.

The Hampta Pass trek gets over at Chatru after which you can plan to drive to Chandratal lake.Hampta Pass is a special and unusual lush Himachal, which is located in the lap of Himalayas. The time you spend in this beautiful location , gifted with the glory of nature will undoubtedly leave you in trance of weeks. The sudden variations in Hampta’s trail, at times leave you surprised and speechless. Unveiling the stunning landscape of Himachal Pradesh with a trek to the infamous Hampta Pass is like a transition from reality to dream. Hampta Pass is extremely convenient to trek, even if you are a beginner, it will help you ease yourself into trekking step by step. It doesn’t have any high cliffs to climb or slopes to hike on and maintain a gradual gradient throughout making it a perfect fit for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. While you trek, you cross the famous Chandratal lake which needs an extra walk beside the hike. It is just a walking distance from Batal and KunzumLa. Wild flowers fill up the banks of the lake in summer and the vast green meadows around the lake. It is one of the two high altitudes wet lands of India. The quiet and peace of the mountains, the fresh air and most importantly being away from the busy urban life would be loved by everyone.

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