Zanskar Valley takes you to ancient trails past remote monasteries and Buddhist villages in this high-altitude plateau that nestles between the world’s two highest mountain ranges – the Karakoram and the Great Himalayas. Earlier travelers used to hike across 4000m-high alpine meadows carpeted with edelweiss and past exquisitely carved Mani walls (stone tablets) to the foothills of the Gumbok Rangan precipice (5486m) – The Darcha Padum Trek which starts from Leh then to PADUM and ends at beautiful Manali town of Himachal Pradesh or Cycling from Manali and ending at Leh which was quite popular amongst adventure community.

My India Touring was established with a view to deliver professional and satisfactory services in the field of leisure and Travel. Embarking on a tour of Zanskar with My India Touring is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From 2020 last Padum has been connected from Darcha-Shinglo then to Padum and from Leh-SingeLa which results into bringing zanskar into mainstream of Ladakh tourism circuit starting from manali and ending at leh or Starting from leh and ending at Manali that too journey of under 15 hours on an clear sunny day.

Motorcycle SUV Tours
Zanskar Road Trips and Treks

Zanskar Valley Motorcycle 4WD SUV Tour Manali to Manali 08 N 09 D

Zanskar Motorcycle SUV Touring Plan:
Day 01: Manali to Keylong via Rohtang Tunnel (70km | 3 hours).
Day 02: Keylong to Kurgiakh, via Shinkula Pass (83km | 10 hours).
Day 03: Kurgiakh to Purne, Zanskar (29km | 3 hours).
Day 04: Purne to Padum, Zanskar (56km | 3 hours).
Day 05: Full Day Padum Excursion
Day 06: Padum to PensiLa then back at Padum. (160km | 8 hours).
Day 07: Padum to ZanskarSumdo/Keylong.(180km | 10-12 hours).
Day 08: Keylong to Manali. (70km | 3 hours).
Accommodation: Mobile Camping | Guest House.  

Zanskar Motorcycle Tours - The New Road : Aug - Sep

Motorcycle SUV Tours
Zanskar Road Trips and Treks

Zanskar Valley Motorcycle 4WD SUV Tour Manali - Padum - Leh - Manali 11N 12 D

Zanskar Motorcycle Touring Plan: Min person 05
Day 01: Manali to Keylong via Rohtang Tunnel (70km | 3 hours).
Day 02: Keylong to Kurgiakh, via Shinkula Pass (83km | 10 hours).
Day 03: Kurgiakh to Purne, Zanskar (29km | 3 hours).
Day 04: Purne to Padum, Zanskar (56km | 5 hours).
Day 05: Full Day Padum Excursion
Day 06: Padum to Lamayuru, Leh (185km | 7-8 hours).
Day 07: Lamayuru to Leh (114km | 5 hours).
Day 08: Leh Local and Rest Day
Day 09: Leh to Tso Moriri (220 kms | 8 hours).
Day 10: Tso Moriri to Sarchu via Tso Kar(230 kms | 8 hours).
Day 11: Sarchu to Manali (180 kms | 7 hours).
Accommodation: Mobile Camping | Guest House.

Zanskar Motorcycle Tours - The New Road : Aug - Sep

Zanskar Monastery special Tours
Zanskar Monastery Tour Road Trips and Treks.

-Phugtal Monastery
-Zangla Monastery
-Stongde Monastery
-Karsha Monastery
-Sani Monastery
-Zongkhul Monastery
-Rangdum Monastery
-Shargole Monastery
-Fotoksar Monastery
and Monastries from Leh to Lamayuru
-(Spituk, Alchi ,Phyang, Basgo, Likir, Rizong, Lamayuru).

Zanskar Rafting Tours
Zanskar Rafting, Road Trips and Treks

Rafting in Zanskar Day Sightseeing Tour Covering Zanskar Confluence Point to Chilling “Rafting in Zanskar River Rafting Tour
Duration : Day Event
Route : Zanskar Confluence Point – Chilling
Best Time : June to September” The Zanskar River gorge, one of the most scenic in the world, allows adventure junkies a multi-day River rafting in Zanskar expedition to explore its enthralling natural beauty.

Phugtal Monastery is in Padum, the remotest region of zanskar. For trekking, Carry sleeping bags, cap, warm clothes & a water bottle.
Phugtal Monastry | Phuktal Gompa | Buddhist monastry in Padum, Zanskar.

Apart from road, the only way to reach the Phugtal monastery is by trekking to it.
Note : Complete acclimatized in Padum and with bare Minimum Essentials.

Day 1 | Padum – Raru – Ichar – Anmu – Chah (6-8 Hrs of trekking)
Give a shot at a 3-4 day trek + road journey to Phugtal Monastery Drive from Padum to last road Icher, about 1 and a half hour
Start the trek from Icher until Anmu or up to Chah, in case you are short on days It will take about 4-6 hrs trekking from Icher to Anmu and a further couple of hours trekking to Chah from Anmu Few homestays are available at Anmu as well as Chah villages
Food will be rice, vegetable, dal, curd, and some local food. You can carry some foods to cook at Homestay if you wish
The river flows aside this trek and may have a magical feeling to it

Day 2 | Chah – Phugtal / Phuktal Monastery – Purne (5-6 Hrs trekking)
This day you pay a visit to the honeycomb cave-like Phugtal / Phuktal Monastery and return to another side of Lungnak river at Purne for overnight stay.Start early from Chah to spend more time at Phugtal so that you can return to Purne with enough daylight left in the day.
Please note that the direct route from Chah village to Phuktal Monastery is a bit difficult and narrow. It should only be taken with a guide or local else you should take the route through Purne which is easier in comparison but takes one more day trekking
Chah to Phuktal direct route takes about 2.5-3 Hrs even being 6 KMs apart, and Phuktal to Purne will take you another 2-2.5 Hrs
Refreshments shall be available at Chah and Zamthang villages There is a guest house with attached bathroom at Phugtal monastery as well in case it gets late for you and you do not like to risk the way back At Purne there are two-three beautiful camping sites and a small guest house with shop and a homestay.

Day 3 | Purne – Anmu – Icher – Raru – Padum (7-8 Hrs of trekking)
Purne to Icher will take you about 7-8 Hrs, so start early in the day Your taxi pick up should be there for pickup at Icher .If you are not tired, you can visit Bardan and Muney monasteries while driving back to Padum.

Zanskar tours from manali | Leh

About Zanskar Valley Tourism

Zanskar is a high altitude semi-desert lying on the Northern flank of the Great Himalayan Range where almost every village has a local monastery,
often containing ancient wall-paintings and images. Zanskar lies 240 kms of west of Manali Leh highway via Shinglo(5091 msl) or ShinkuLa ,
300 kms north east of Leh Srinagar highway via ShingeLa (5056 mls) and 250 km west of Kargil town on Srinagar Leh Highway via PensiLa(4400 mls).

Zanskar Valley Travel Guide

Where to Stay : Accommodation in Zanskar
Hotel : Hotel Omasila and Hotel Rigyal
Homestay : D YARK guest House & Sonam Khangsar.
Camping : Camping at ZanskarSumdo Enroute Darcha to ShingoLa.

Tourist Attractions in Zanskar

Moment Travelers enter Zanskar Valley everything will be the spectacular Himalayan landscape wrapped in snow-covered peaks beautiful glaciers,alpine lakes and On the isolated mountains there are local monastery at every village which are worth exploring. The lovely landscapes and the Buddhist culture of the Zanskar Valley will surely leave an ever lasting impression on travelers mind.

Best Time to Visit Zanskar Valley

Zanskar is pleasantly warm and dry climate in the summer. Rain and snowfall during this period are scarce. Most of the precipitation occurs as snowfall during the harsh and extremely long winter period. So Zanskar valley is accessible only during the summers and best Months will be Aug and September. During winters the River Zanskar freezes and becomes the famous Chadar Trek.

Best Places to Visit in Zanskar

Suru Valley,Bardan Monastery,Drang Drung glacier,Karsha monastery,Padum,Pensila,Phugtal Monastery,Rangdum monastery,Sani Monastery-Oldest Kushan Era,Shinge la/Shingge la,Stongdey monastery,Zangla palace and monastery,Zanskar river,Shinglo/ShinkuLa,Shafat Glacier-Base for Nun Kun Expedition and the Gumbok Rangan vertical cliff at 5486 mts.

Things To Do : Top Things to do in Zanskar

-Cycling From Manali – Darcha – Padum
-Motorcycling Adventure Tour from Manali and from leh.
-SUV/Tempo Adventute Tour from Manali and from leh.
-Trekking in Zanskar the famous Darcha Padum Trek and then to Lamayuru trek and Padum to the Markha valley Trek


From 2020 , two new roads opened to reach Padum from Manali and from Leh in much Lesser time and covering less distance but no changes for travelers entering from Kargil.
New Route 1 : Manali – Shinkula – Padum | New Route 2 : Leh -Shinge la – Padum.From Kargil : Kargil – PensiLa – Padum.

Q. What are the important places to see in Zanskar?

Monastries (Phugtal,Karsha,Stongdey,Rangdum,Sani,Bardan,Zangla- Beautiful treks to reach these monasteries , ), High Passes (Pensila,Shingola Shingela)- Breataking adventurous journies to reaches these high altitude passes via crossing n number of river crossings and glacial lakes. In Short it is an must visit place in the lifetime.

Q. Does Zanskar have good accommodation options?

Hotels at Padum ,Rest House at Panikher/Rangdum and Camping at ZanskarSumdo.

Zanskar Valley Motorcycle Touring

Get the best Adventure Motorcycle tour Planned by the Experts.


-4X4 Backup with recovery and baggage carrying capability.
-Trained mechanic with tools and essential spares.
-VHF Radio communication & Medical Kit and First aid capability.
-Experienced Mountain Ride Leaders.


:Royal Enfield 350cc | Royal Enfield 500cc
:Royal Enfield Himalayan | X-Pulse 200cc
Available from :
Chandigarh | Delhi | Manali | Shimla | Leh | Srinagar


-Booking Amount to book your slot an initial payment of INR 10,000/- per Pax.
-Before 07 days from the start of tour 100% refund will be there. However if you inform us
less than 7 days before the ride 20% will be withheld and the rest refunded.


*Hydration Backpack.
*Full Adventure Gear required.
*Riding Pant and Full Armour Riding Jacket
*DOT Certifed Full Face Closed Helmet.
*Full Rain Gear & Warmest Gear.
*Water proof Luggage and Dry packs.


: Only Backup Vehicle, Luggage vehicle nd Support vehicle also available on per day rentals.
: Experienced Road Captains / Mechanics also available on per day basis but booking should be done well in advance.
: Accommodation – Double and Single rooms supplements available at almost every place.

: In case of any Delay due to bad weather, Land Slide, Road block and any other natural reason beyond our control Expenses will be managed by the group..


Fireballs Adventures takes utmost care to ensure safety of its clients.However in the case of any unforeseen mishaps, Fireballs Adventures will not be liable for any injuries caused or for loss of life. All disputes rising due to the above are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Distt – Kullu Himachal Pradesh only.All participants would be required to sign an Indemnity Form before the start of the program, without which they would not be allowed to take part in the trip/program/activities.
-Once you start the Adventure Ride, and if you leave the ride, prematurely, for any reason whatsoever, no refunds will be made.

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