4x4 Adv

Spiti FROZEN 4X4 Adventure Road Trip

Spiti SUV Adv Roadtrip
Spiti SUV Adv Roadtrip

Day01: Shimla to Rampur – Clustering of group at Shimla after briefing Session & Vehicle Inspection off to Rampur.
Note: Vehicle should in excellent condition.
Welcome snacks followed by Dinner. – Sleep Early as we will be starting our Drive tomorrow by 7 AM.
– Dinner and HomeStay.

Day02: Chango – Will Leave Rampur by 7AM, start our Drive for Chango.
PlanA: Drive till Chango (225 Kms).
PlanB: Drive till Nako (210 Kms).
PlanC: Drive till Pooh (168 Kms).
Route: Rampur-Tapri-Pooh-Nako
Terrain : Snow Offroad. – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day03: Kaza Will Leave Chango/Nako/Pooh by 8AM for Kaza after proper warming up the vehicle.
PlanA: Drive till Chango-Kaza (92 Kms).
PlanB: Drive till Chango-Tabo (40 Kms).
Route: Nako-Sumdo-Tabo-Kaza
Terrain: Snow Offroad.- Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day04: Kaza Full day Kaza Excursion Lazy Morning Drive and Explore till Rangrik Village.
Terrain: Snow Offroad. – Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day05: Kibber Lazy morning Start, we go to Kibber and explore other side of Spiti.
Terrain: Drive (Snow Offroad) or will trek to Kibber.
– Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day06: Kibber Full Day Kibber Exploration.
Route: Trek around Kibber. – Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day07: Nako Head back to Chango/Nako, Early Morning Breakfast Checkout from Kibber start our Drive by 7 AM.
Route: Kibber-Kaza-Chango/Nako. Kms: 130
– Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner and HomeStay/CampStay.

Day08: Rampur Early Morning Start for Rampur.
Route: Chango/Nako-Tapri-Rampur. Kms: 200
– Breakfast,Lunch and Hotel Stay.

Day09: Shimla Early Morning Start from
Rampur to Shimla.
Route: Rampur-Shimla. Kms: 120
– Breakfast.

Tour ends here.

Winter White Spiti Road Trip
Winter White Spiti Road Trip

Guided Min 04 Vehicles : 28500/person

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