Paragliding Billing

Tandem Paragliding at Billing

Paragliding Billing

Paragliding Tours In Bir Billing - Highlights

With My India Touring Experience the rush of wind while soaring through the clear skies of Bir Billing – known to be the paragliding capital of India. It attracts adventurers
from different cultures and ages and offers a chance to glide over the Dhauladhar ranges, lush green fields, the beautiful water streams, and nature’s bounty.
-It is your time to fly, going toe to toe against your fears. The take-off point is Billing for this activity, a popular hotspot located around 8200 ft above sea-level – a heaven for paragliders.
-After a much important briefing session with our handpicked professionals, you with your instructor are all set to take-off.
-Revel with the silence of nature, get an aerial view of the ambience at a place where the first-ever paragliding world cup was also hosted.

My India Touring will give you the ultimate Paragliding experience in Bir Billing.

Best Time September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, June.

Paragliding Billing

Paragliding Tours In Bir Billing - Over View

-Explore the beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges at a height of around 8200 ft while paragliding
-Experience a once-in-a-while opportunity to soak in the astonishing panorama of Bir Biling – amidst international safety protocols
-Glide through the blue sky dotted with cottony clouds for approximate 20 minutes straight – the adrenaline-rush is surreal
-Get a view of rocky hilltops while hovering in the blue sky – safe and secure in the harness.
-All the types of equipment used are imported tested for safety so it is safe.
-Get this once in a while experience recorded on a GoPro (at an additional cost).
-Paragliding activity takes 2-3 hrs to complete.

Getting to the top floor is simple, just book one of My India Touring’s Paragliding Tour Packages.

-Flight time of Paragliding is 15 to 30 minute.
-Price is ₹ 2000/- Per Person.


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